16,000 TWD

18,000 TWD

  • 品牌專區 TERZANI
  • 型號: Terzani - J84B
  • 設計師:Simone Micheli
    尺寸:Ø30*30 cm
    光源:G4 LED 2W (不含光源,光源詳情請來電詢問客服)
    電壓:110V or 220V

    ◈ 此預購商品標示價格為產品單價不含運費,下單前請先行確認運費,未確認運費下單後欲取消訂單,手續費需自行負擔。

    ◈ 本產品係屬國外品牌設計師代購商品,目前無現貨,實際到貨時間經與原廠確認寄送時間後通知。
    ◈ 下單前請先與服務人員確認運費,將視空運或海運方式另外報價運費與預估到貨時間,同意後成立訂單。

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Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli founded his Studio in 1990 and in 2003 the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Company, based in Florence, Milan and Dubai. He is the curator of many thematic exhibitions in the most important international fairs. In 2007 he was the representative of the Italian interior design participating to “ XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura” In Barranquilla, Colombia and again in 2008 participating to the International Conference of Architecture for the Contract field in Hanover, Germany. In 2008 he signed the “La Casa Italiana” exhibition at the “Mube” Museo of sculpture in San Paolo, Brazil; during the same year he participated to the exhibitions at the “Franz Mayer” in Mexico City and at “Centro de las Artes in Monterrey in 2009. He is professor at Poli.Design and at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. His professional activity moves towards different directions: from architecture to interior design, from visual design to communication; his eco-friendly and nature-oriented creations are characterized by strong identity and uniqueness. Many of his works are realized for public administration and for important private clients linked with the residential world. Among the national and international awards we can remind: the “Best Interior design” and “the Best Apartment Italy” awards won with the project “Golfo Gabella lake Resort” in the competition “ Homes Overseas Award 2007” in London (international award reserved to the best real estate developments in the world); the “International Media Prize 2008” – Shenzhen in the “ Annual Public Spaces Grand Award” category and the “International Design Award 2008” – Los Angeles in the “Interior Design” category, with the project “ New Urban faces for the province and the municipality of Milan; the “Interior Designer of the Year” during “ International Design Award 2008” in Los Angeles; the “Best of the year 2010” in “Beauty, Spa and fitness” category, given by Interior Design Magazine - New.York, Usa and the “International Media Prize 2010” in “Annual Club Space Award” category, given by Modern Decoration Magazine, in Shenzhen, China, for the “Atomic Spa” project of Boscolo Hotels in Milan.The “Tre number one award 2011” in interior design field – Venice, Italy, and the “Contemporary Spa Award 2011” in “Best Future Spa” category - Bologna, Italy, for “Marina Verde Wellness Resort” project, in Caorle, Venice. “Best of the year honoree 2012” in “hospitality” category, given by Interior Design Magazine, New-York, Usa, with “B4 Hotel In Milan” project (now it is Barcelò Hotel). The last award Simone Micheli won is the “Iconic Award 2014” – Frankfurt, Germany - in the “Interior Winner” category, with the project RubensLuciano Offices and showrooms” in Stra - Venice. The iconic award is an international award organized by the German Design Council. His works have been shown in the most important international exhibitions; he held conferences and lessons in universities and cultural institutes of many cities; his publications are on the most important national and international magazines. There are many interviews dedicated to his works and his last monograph “ Simone Micheli From The Future to The Past” published in 2012 is a selection of projects belonging to his last twenty years of activity.


Since its founding in Florence, Italy in 1972, Terzani S.R.L. has worked to meld traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create lighting that blurs the lines among art, luxury and design.

Founder, Sergio Terzani, and CEO, Nicolas Terzani, have furthered their experimentation in lighting design with the creation of the Terzani Lab, where new materials, techniques and ideas can be developed and tested. And Terzani continues to commission designs from renowned artists including Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arslan who add their unique voices contribute to Terzani's extensive collection.

With their most recent and highly celebrated collection, Terzani has taken the next step in its evolutionary process - building from its position as an industry leader to create an incubator for the future of lighting where Terzani can focus on new ideas and continue to redefine the way luxury lighting is made.

▪ 不提供鑑賞及退貨。

▪ 此商品屬預購品,下訂後客服會連繫您告知出貨時間,若有大量供貨需求歡迎與我們連繫。

▪ 商品圖檔顏色因光線、螢幕設定會略有不同。尺寸為人工丈量會有±5cm誤差,請以實品為準。

▪ 若對商品尺寸、材質、顏色有疑慮歡迎與我們聯繫,我們將盡力為您解答。

e no longer march in a straight line. Our lives are dynamic, intertwining collections of relationships, experiences and journeys. Reflecting the fluidity of our generation, designer Simone Micheli has created a new, contemporary light for Terzani Doodle. Like us, each Doodle is unique each pendant is handcrafted by artisans to resemble a randomised path. And, to give us control over the journey we want to take, each led bulb can be placed anywhere on the light, not only reflecting the choices we make in life, but giving Doodle a special flexibility. Design Simone Micheli.


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